A Social Network That Matters

In the 1980s missing children alerts circulated on the backs of milk cartons in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. From there we saw a transition that made tractor-trailers and billboards an integral part of the search effort. But today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to extend the reach farther and faster than ever. The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) has launched their newest social media campaign, called the World’s Most Valuable Social Network.

The Challenge

With more than 50,000 children reported missing each year in Canada, the MCSC’s challenge is to keep these children in the hearts and minds of the public. Social media offers this non-profit organization the ability to tap into the growing reach and power of Twitter and Facebook to form the first online community search party.

How it Works

The concept is simple, yet remarkably effective. By “donating” your social media account you are allowing authorities to send missing children alerts through your news feed—reaching your network instantly. The alert messages are also geographically coded, which means donors will only have messages posted in their area.

To improve effectiveness, the alerts are also mobile friendly. For example, if a child goes missing in the downtown part of a city, smartphone users in the immediate area will be notified first.

Why it Matters

By leveraging the social networks of Canadians, the MCSC is effectively reaching the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time.

The more newsfeeds that are donated, the more communities see the alert, and the greater the chances are that someone will spot the child.

The MCSC is harnessing the power of the social community for a cause that truly matters.