Quality Design = Long Term Investment

This post is about quality design and how it can be a long-term investment. To clarify, if you buy an average car, then the value of it will decrease. In certain cases (usually for cars that are more than just average), the value may go back up after a few decades. On the other hand, if you buy a top brand watch, then you know the value of it will increase over time. Quality design is therefore like a long-term investment.

The main long-term investment for most people is their own home. If it is designed well, then it will be of high quality and stand the test of time, increasing in value along the way. For hospitality professionals and entrepreneurs, designing a high quality establishment is also like a long-term investment. An example of this investment is the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) examples. Case studies include:

Of course, the value of the building itself will probably go up, but the investment into designing your hospitality firm creates an extra bit of added value that is unique to your business. The same goes for any product that is designed with a high sense of quality and timelessness. Such products can become collector’s items of even attain the status of being “iconic.”

In any case, the investment you make now will show off in the future. You should not be afraid to make a sizeable investment into something that is core to your business. If you have high quality service with poor design, then people will be satisfied with the service only to be let down by the second-rate design.

If your aim is to have a high quality establishment with good food and/or beds, then having a high standard design for the rest of your hotel or restaurant is of the essence. It can work in a few niche markets to have high quality dining experiences in warehouses, but these options are limited. It’d be like driving a Porsche with a Mini’s engine. It could be fun, but not for most people. If customers expect five star service, they expect five star design.